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Firemen's Prayer.
              Fairview Park Volunteer Fire Department

                                              Personnel Listing

  Fairview Park Volunteer Fire Department is led into action by Don Klinge , who has
served the department for years. Our department has 19 volunteer professionals.

  The following is a list of the group of individuals who provide professional voluntary fire,
  rescue, and EMS protection for the town of Fairview Park, Indiana and the surrounding

                                             15 personnel are listed below.

Clinton Police Department  832-9339
Vermillion Co. Sheriffs Dept. 832-7785
Clinton City Vol. Fire Dept. 832-2425
Vermillion County EOC 832-5500

501     Don Klinge- Chief
502     Chad Moore- Asst Chief
503     Brian Strohm- Captain
504     Neil Costello - 1st Lt.
505     Cory Stamper - 2nd Lt.
506     Phil Bennett- Safety Officer
509     Zach Firestone   
511     Bradley Thompson
512     Chad Mize
513     Chris Vorek
515     Travis Willhite
516     Ryan Smith
517     Dustin Shannon
518     Jacob Gibson
520     Brad Hoke
521     Brenda Bell
522     Lindsey Reed
523    Jamie Hixon
524    Joe Maze